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On Sunday, January 20, 2019, Nigerians and the world watched with disappointment as the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) laboured to explain why Muhammadu Buhari, its presidential candidate who has been in power for over three and a half yea

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Re-electionist Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III has filed a bill making electoral debates mandatory every campaign season.

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La concejal María Laura Nievas presentó un proyecto de ordenanza que establece: ''la realización de un debate público preelectoral entre todos los candidatos a intendente de nuestra ciudad''. 

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While it is not yet clear whether the candidates, particularly those of the major political parties, have indicated interest in participating, some political parties that know the inadequacies, or outright hollowness of their candidates have start

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La démocratie sénégalaise ne va donc pas faire ce pas tant souhaité, avec l’instauration d’un débat télévisé Search débat télévisé entre les candidats Search candidats à la prochaine présidentielle.

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The governor is correct to say that his debate with Molinaro with a mess. But suggesting that therefore all debates are worthless is like arguing that Randy Macho Man Savage and The Undertaker aren't suitable ambassadors of the ancient sport of Gr

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Let this be the last California election in which a front-runner for governor or U.S. Senate can dictate the time, place and format of a debate. There were two reasons voters did not get a chance to watch and compare the candidate for these two hi

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El 57.1 por ciento dijo que un debate presidencial podría ser determinante para su decisión de voto, contrario a un 38.2 %. Independientemente a la preferencia, la encuesta UTEC reveló que Nayib Bukele es el mejor candidato a la presidencia, con e

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There is no fundamental reason why television leaders' debates should not now be an utterly normal feature of elections and referendums going forward.