This page highlights recent news and analysis on candidate debates from the international press.

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English Publication Date: January 31, 2020 Source: The New York Times Country: United States

It has eliminated the requirement that candidates must have received donations from hundreds of thousands of individuals. Mr. Bloomberg, a multibillionaire, is running a self-funded campaign and is not soliciting donations.

English Publication Date: January 28, 2020 Source: RTE Country: Ireland

As well as questions from the moderator Claire Byrne, the seven party leaders faced questions from a 300-strong audience.

English Publication Date: January 27, 2020 Source: Michigan Daily Country: United States

Though the presidential debate to be hosted at the University of Michigan is nine months away, Central Student Government held its third presidential debate town hall Monday night in Pierpont Commons to discuss student engagement, inclusion and...

English Publication Date: January 26, 2020 Source: Ghana Web Country: Ghana

Presidential candidates of political parties that will participate in the 2020 elections will slug it out in three presidential debates set for September, October, and December.

Spanish Publication Date: January 26, 2020 Source: Página Siete Country: Bolivia

La iniciativa pretende contribuir al ejercicio y consolidación de nuestra democracia, especialmente en lo referido al derecho al voto informado, a través de un espacio participativo  y plural que recoja las inquietudes y consultas de todo el...

English Publication Date: January 26, 2020 Source: The Journal Country: Ireland

With the general election less than a fortnight away it’s a chance for each leader to set out their stall for the electorate and for the voter to get a better sense of where each party stands on major issues facing the country. 

English Publication Date: January 24, 2020 Source: The New York Times Country: United States

President Trump’s campaign is considering only participating in general election debates if an outside firm serves as the host, and his advisers recently sat down with the nonprofit Commission on Presidential Debates to complain about the debates...

English Publication Date: January 23, 2020 Source: National Public Radio Country: United States

He became an institution in American life and in our democracy because the Commission on Presidential Debates turned to Jim for 12 debates over the years. And the reason they turned to Jim was because they knew this was somebody who cared about...

English Publication Date: January 23, 2020 Source: Irish Examiner Country: Ireland

The debate, moderated on Virgin Media One by veteran broadcaster Pat Kenny turned into a best-of of both parties’ main themes to date - for Mr Varadkar, that what has been done thus far under his Government isn’t enough but with a plea for the...

English Publication Date: January 22, 2020 Source: Notre Dame News Country: United States

Noting that the debate hall capacity and tickets are managed by the Commission on Presidential Debates, Father Jenkins indicated a lottery system will be used to select the students who will receive Notre Dame’s tickets. A specific ticket number...