Based in Paraguay, the Development in Democracy Foundation (Fundación Desarrollo en Democracia, DENDE) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004. DENDE is a public policy research and advocacy organization that aims to advance growth and democratic development in Paraguay. Its main initiatives provide leadership training for diverse political and economic leaders throughout the country, focusing on negotiation, strategic and institutional planning, decision making, communication and public policy development. The organization is also part of the “Paraguay Debates” initiative that carried out a series of grassroots forums and citizen surveys that helped identify policy priorities for the country. These events helped shape the issues discussed at the 2013 presidential debates, which DENDE organized in partnership with the Center for Regulations, Norms and Studies of Communication (Centro de Regulación, Normas y Estudios de la Comunicación, CERNECO). In particular, DENDE negotiated with the press, civic organizations, technical staff and presidential candidates to establish the specific thematic proposals for the debates. The two debates, which were unprecedented in the region, included the four leading presidential candidates in the April elections. They were broadcast live by all national broadcast channels, 80 cable channels, one digital channel and more than 500 radio stations across the country.  | Website | Facebook |