English Country: United States

Typically, candidates trailing in the polls have more to gain by sparring with the leading candidate than the other way around, just as challengers need the exposure more than incumbents. 

English Country: Hungary

On Tuesday, Socialist MP Bertalan Tóth and independent MP Tímea Szabó (who is a candidate on the joint MSZP – Párbeszéd list for the 8th April election) proposed an amendment to the election law that would require the sitting Hungarian prime minister to engage in two debates during national election campaigns. According to the proposal, both debates would be a minimum of 90 minutes in duration. 

English Country: Costa Rica

The main television networks in the country have established the day and time of their debates, which will be held in the hours of the largest television audience to reach the largest number of viewers

English Country: Serbia

This Guide aims to (1) promote debates as the highest-quality component of election broadcasting; and (2) provide basic information about organizing a televised debate, drawing on both global and Serbian experiences, and identify all the key aspects to keep in mind when producing this type of programming.

The contents of this guide were created by the Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID), with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

English Country: Canada

A House of Commons committee will begin to study the creation of an independent commission or commissioner to oversee leaders debates during federal election campaigns. For more information, visit CBCNews.

English Country: Uganda

Meet the Candidates: Field Experimental Evidence on Learning from Politician Debates in Uganda

English Country: New Zealand

So the debates are seen as a highlight of the campaign, allowing the voting public to see our potential prime ministers up close and unedited, rather than cut down to five-second sound bites (that's what the average is now) or even shorter and more meaningless snippets.

English Country: New Zealand

During every election campaign, the leaders of political parties go toe-to-toe in a series debates. Often, they get to fire off a few zingers at each other. But the debates don't seem to have much impact on voting.

English Country: United States

In a pair of studies, researchers at the University of Missouri’s Political Communication Institute (PCI) found that issue-based tweeting was directly related to acquiring greater knowledge. Additionally, social watching actually helps viewers solidify their beliefs around their chosen candidates. Read more at PsychCentral

English Country: Kenya

Common wisdom states that debates rarely sway the audience from their preferred choice but in a country like Kenya, they provide the closest thing to a level playing field for aspirants who lack the clout to enjoy dedicated media coverage. The one off TV debate is a rare opportunity for the invisible ones, to be seen and heard. Read more at SDE.