Spanish Country: Dominican Republic

Resumen de logros para la Asociación Nacional de Jóvenes Empresarios (ANJE) durante los debates presidenciales en 2016


English Country: Jamaica

Gayle's findings signal that the PNP, displaying unconcealed arrogance, rubbed Jamaicans the wrong way when it opted out of a leadership debate, at the 11th hour, to which it had agreed. Read more at The Gleaner.

English Country: International

Fair warning to presidential candidates participating in upcoming presidential debates: your inappropriate nonverbal behavior is noticed, and it could overshadow the substance of what you say. Read more at Newswise. 

English Country: Uganda

According to the African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) 'Media Coverage of the 2016 elections January 2016 findings', the five received more media coverage in January than they did in December. Read more at All Africa.

English Country: United States

If you think the Republican primary debates have been boring, aren't relevant and have done little to shape the course of the primary season, you would be dead wrong... Most importantly, voters are not only tuning in, they seem to be making decisions based on the what happens in the debates. Read more at CNBC.

English Country: United Kingdom

The findings we have presented show that the 2015 TV election debates performed a crucially important civic role, reaching sections of the population least likely to be touched by the rest of the campaign; helping citizens to acquire the information they need to make meaningful choices; and thereby boosting the electorate’s confidence.

English Country: United States

The presidential debates clearly have been a hit with the public. Nearly seven-in-ten (69%) say they have watched at least some of the televised debates between the candidates. In December 2007 – the most recent election in which there were contested nominations in both parties – just 43% reported watching any of the debates. More information at Pew Research Center. 

Spanish Country: Guatemala

Photos and description of activities during AGG's last electoral program.

Spanish Country: Argentina

DIARIO DE CUYO realizó un sondeo con los lectores bajo una pregunta: ¿Es clave el debate presidencial para definir tu voto?; y las opciones fueron dos: Sí, con el debate defino mi voto y No, es un aspecto más de la campaña.