Feb 27, 2014 00:00

FUNCICAR/CDPB organizes debate for Congressional candidates

The Civic Social Foundation for Cartagena (Fundación Cívico Social Pro Cartagena, FUNCICAR) and the Political Debate Commission of Bolivar (Comisión de Debates Políticos de Bolivar, CDPB) helped voters cast informed ballots in advance of Colombia’s March 9 legislative elections.  FUNCICAR/CDPB held a February 27 debate for congressional candidates from Bolivar state.  With some 60 candidates running, the CDPB asked each political party to name one debater to represent them. The CDPB drew on the expert analysis of journalists, opinion-makers, academics, business associations, and good government watchdogs to analyze and inform voters on candidate policy platforms and the election process itself through the program, Hablemos lo nuestro (“Let’s talk about our concerns"), which was promoted via the press, radio, TV and social media, including the regular FUNCICAR update on YouTube.  In partnership with other leading civic organizations and a journalist association, FUNCICAR/CDPB is also exploring organizing presidential debates for the May elections.

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