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photo courtesy Presidential Debate Task Force

Malawi 2014

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Peru 2011

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Serbia 2013

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Burundi 2010

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Trinidad and Tobago 2013

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Macedonia 2013

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United States 2012

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Cambodia 2012

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Haiti 2010

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Malawi 2014

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Iraq 2010

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Serbia 2012

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Paraguay 2013

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Nigeria 2013

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Ghana 2012

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Colombia 2013

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Jamaica 2011

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Nepal 2013

En el Concejo Deliberante de la Capital se aprobó, luego de dos cuartos intermedios, el proyecto de ordenanza del edil Juan Cruz Miranda sobre la obligatoriedad de instalar un debate público con...

Broadcast from Nigerian Television Authority, Abuja, Nigeria

Argentina Debate Presentó Propuestas Para Organizar El Primer Debate Presidencial
Argentina Debate presentó hoy un documento con propuestas para organizar el...


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This website is intended to serve as a comparative international resource for groups organizing candidate debates for a range of elected offices. The site includes examples of practical organizational and production information from debate sponsoring organizations from around the globe primarily members of Debates International, an informal association of new and longstanding debate groups. It also includes updates on the activities of these debate groups and highlights recent news and analysis on candidate debates.

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Spanish Publication Date: April 10, 2015 Source: El Esquiu Country: Argentina

En el Concejo Deliberante de la Capital se aprobó, luego de dos cuartos intermedios, el proyecto de ordenanza del edil Juan Cruz Miranda sobre la...

Spanish Publication Date: April 8, 2015 Source: Urgente24 Country: Argentina

El ministro Florencio Randazzo dijo que "totalmente" le proponía al gobernador un debate de cara a la interna del FpV. Agustín Rossi ratificó su...

Spanish Publication Date: April 7, 2015 Source: La Nacion Country: Argentina

Si las circunstancias para que se produzca un debate publico entre los diferentes candidatos a ocupar la primera magistratura de nuestro país se...

Date (time EST):
Mar 22 2015 (All day)

Broadcast from Nigerian Television Authority, Abuja, Nigeria

Date (time EST):
Mar 12 2015 - 8:00pm
Date (time EST):
May 15 2014 (All day)

The Second European Union presidential debate was broadcast live on Thursday, May 15 from 21:00 to 22:30 [CET - Brussels time], among candidates ...